Back in the late 1950s and the 60s, I devoted a lot of time to taking pictures, hoping to make a living at it. My inspiration was Steichen's "Family of Man" and the LIFE Magazine essays of W. Eugene Smith, both in their style of photography & choice of subject matter.

After my army service I studied photography for a short time at the Art Center School in Los Angeles. I joined a fellow student in opening a photography studio, but it turned out that commercial photography was not for me. After a few years I went back to my hometown to work for a manufacturing firm. While my life took a different turn and my pictures remained personal, I retained my love for photography. I still look at the photographs in my portfolio with pleasure, not only because I took them, but I believe they aspire to a "Decisive Moment," observed & captured in the camera, frozen in time, to be viewed forever. They help me feel part of that era's family of photographers.

With the advent of the web, it's become easy to share my photographs with other people who also might enjoy seeing pictures of what America looked like in the 1960s. That is the reason I recently digitized my negatives and created this website. Thanks for looking, enjoy.